How to Run Angular2 Application in local environment.


Below steps need to follow to run Angular2 Application on local machine.

1. First Install node.js from below location.

2. You will see below installed command prompt in your system

3.  Now we are going to install web server. Run below command in  nodejs command prompt.

    npm install live-server -g

    We will use live-server package. This server written in Node, update the        
    package automatic when changes the source code.

4.  Now we install typescript. Typescript is languae which used to write angular 
     2 application. 

    npm install typescript

5.  I am using Visual studio code as a editor. Install it from below location.

6. Now you can run your first application. Below is sample application which I         have created. 


I know above screen shot is not enough for first example. We will see details code of First Example later. Here I have only shown How to run Angular 2 application.

Let me know if you have query.

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