How to create simple MVC Application using visual studio 2015 (Empty MVC Template)


Below are steps to create simple MVC application using visual studio 2015 (Empty MVC Template)

1.  Go to File -> New -> Project

     In Visual C# click on web and add Asp.Net Web Application as shown below.

 2. This will open "select a template" window. Select Empty template and Click on MVC as shown below.

3. This will create a simple application like shown below.

4. Now Next step to add simple controller.

   Right click on Controller folder.  then go Add -> Controller option.


5. Give it to name "HomeController"

6. Now we will create simple view.
   Which associate with this controller.

   Right click on View Folder.
   Now click on Add -> View
   Give View name is Index as shown below

 7. Now in View add below text in Body tag.

    This is First Application in Visual Studio 2015


Your Application is ready. Press F5 and Enjoy.

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