ASP.Net 5 New Features (Asp.Net Core 1.0 New Features)

Below are new features of ASP.NET 5.

Open Source
Now ASP.NET is now open source.We can use the deployment code for ASP.NET which will be found on GitHub.
No license is require to use this feature.

Cross Platform
Before ASP.Net 5, application only run on windows.
But 5 provide cross platform so now your application run on MAC, Linux.
This is very good feature of 5

Platform Independent Hosting
Now your application don't rely on IIS for hosting. Now you can host your application on IIS or Self hosting.

Now you can also host your application on any system because in ASP.NET, Core CLR can deploy the all dependencies with your application’s deployment package.

There is no longer a requirement for other dependencies to run the ASP.NET 5 application

using ASP.NET 5, now you can host your application on any hosting platform which will be running on any type of device. You don’t need to worry about hosting.

Dependency Injection

In ASP.NET 5, Dependency Injection is used at framework level. Actually ASP.NET 5 is designed in such way which support leverage dependency Injection.

To use Dependency Injection in ASP.NET, you need to use the built in dependency injection container. It is build into ASP.NET 5 framework helps in giving the right services for your environment. 

Dynamic Compilation
ASP.NET 5 comes with attractive feature which can change the life of developers as well as increase their productivity. As we did earlier, make the changes in the code and save and go to browser and refresh the page for loading the latest contents. 

But with ASP.NET 5, you don’t need to refresh the page, using dynamic compilation features the CLR will compile your code in backend and refresh the content as well. So, this makes your work faster and efficient. 

Deployment on Cloud
Now you can deploy your application on cloud. No additional changes require to deploy application on cloud.

Make Application Faster using HTTP Pipeline.
Previously we use the HTTP Pipeline where all the components were added by default. But ASP.NET 5 provides the flexibility to choose your required components and add them with HTTP Pipeline. You can also remove those components from the HTTP Pipeline which are not useful for your application. This makes your application faster.

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