how to make website for multi Language support in (Resource Example in

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Here i am going to dicuss how to make multi support language in a

In a multi support language supported build using resources.

there are two type of resouce in global resource and  local resource we will dicuss resources later.

to build multi language support in a there are two classes are use :-

1. Culture  and 2. UICulture.

Culture providing information related to Datetime,currency etc..  setting ofr multi langugaes. while UICulture are related to UI that means it's deal with a resources.

to set specified language in a web site you can give culturre setting in a globally web.config

< globalization uiCulture="es" culture="es-MX" / >"
Now lets see how to set multi language support from code behind.
Lets take one example :-
First Create One page Default2.aspx and suppose we want two language support in our application
Suppose English and Swedish language. 
So create resource for both in a local resource.

hear kepp in mind the resources name and extension.
currently for English there are resource name is same as a page name.

Page name :- Default.aspx
Resource file Name :- Default.aspx.resx
For Swidden language.
Resource file Name :-

Now lets put one label on a page. and set meta:resourcekey

Now you have to set culture in  Page_PreInit of a page. For better utilization you defaine it in a One base Page and Imherit other page from this basepage.

Where en-US  values for English / United states some other language are as below.

Language = "German" Value="de-DE"

Language ="Spanish" Value="es-ES"

Language ="Swedish" Value="sv-SE"

Language ="United States - English" Value="en-US"
Now lets run the application

Now lets apply second langugae swidden.


Hop you getting.

if you hasve any query let me know

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