Export Data in Word document from ASP.Net With Formating

Hello Frd's

It's easy task to Export Data in Word Document from asp.Net . look at below code.This Code Export Data in Word Document With Bold,Color ect ... Feature Whatever you do with HTML Table Data.

        Response.Buffer = true;
        Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "attachment;filename=Adfield.doc");
        Response.Charset = "";
        Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-word ";

        //txtad.Value = str;
        StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
        HtmlTextWriter hw = new HtmlTextWriter(sw);
        HtmlForm fr = new HtmlForm();
        HtmlTable TLB = new HtmlTable();
        TLB.Style.Add("Border-width", "1px");
        HtmlTableRow hdr = new HtmlTableRow();
        HtmlTableCell cell = new HtmlTableCell();
            // Take data From Database and Write with format

            hdr = new HtmlTableRow();
            cell = new HtmlTableCell();
            cell.Style.Add("BACKGROUND-COLOR", "Gainsboro");
            cell.InnerHtml = "Client Name";
            cell = new HtmlTableCell();
            cell.InnerHtml ="";

     //At last


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Error 1 Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store.

Problem :-
Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store.

Solution :-

Go to Project menu then Property of the Project

Now Click on a Signing
And See there are Check box with Label Sign the ClickOnce manifests

Uncheck this Check Box.

Now error Gone ...
Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

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Where to Buy Domain name

Every web master has a question from where to buy a domain name. Now a day domain booking is a normal process some booked domain for their business, some booked for personal use, some booked for social activity.

For any reason every day there are thousands of domain name booked every day. There are lots of domain Provider site which booked our domain name but necessary thing is payment and billing address. For that I am always follow godaddy.com. godaddy.com booked my domain name within a minutes.

I am not suggesting godaddy.com because of it is famous in word but it is one of greater solution for domain and space. They provide Support also very fast and answer goes to our

I am always prefer it if you have any other then post on a comment with feature they provide and facility.

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Search Result

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What is MVC (Model view Controller)

MVC is framework methodology that divides application into three components roles.
And Controller
1.       Model
Model in MVC based application are component which maintain the state. Often this state is persisted inside a database.
Views in the MVC based application are the components responsible for displaying the application user interface.
3.       Controllers
Controllers in MVC based application are the components responsible for handling end user interaction, manipulating the model and ultimately choosing a view to render to display UI. In MVC view is only to displaying information it is controller that handles and response to user input and interaction.
The Basic Diagram for MVC can be given by 

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