Unable to find a runtime version to run this application

Sometimes you find that you’re running application give message that “Unable to find a version of the runtime to run application
This problem occurred when DLL of Software get corrupted it may be frame work corrupted or your project dll corrupted.
To solved this Problem first try to repair framework.
If then also error not solved then replace your dll and/or exe with fresh dll and/or exe.

This Solved your Problem

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Print (Perform operation on) all Data of Gridview when AllowPaging=True

Hello Frd’s

There may be case when you want to print data from gridview.Here Problem is not with Printing but when allowpaging=true it’s only possible to perform operation on a data which exists in a given page.

But there are trick using which you can print or perform operation on all gridview data.First of on print button click make AllowPaging="False" after this again bind data with gridview and perform prinitng or what ever operation with all filed of gridview.

After your work finished agaain make AllowPaging="True"

If you want to manage checkbox value during paging then read below article.

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LINQ Advantages

Hello Frd's

Lets Discuss LINQ Advantages

In my point of view LINQ reduce my Data Access layer code.

Passing value to store procedure ,retrieve some parameters from store procedure is now easy for me.

Without linq i have to pass the parameters and doing all other stuff that required ...  thanks to linq which reduce my that stuff and speeder my development.

sometime during development of old style code there are problem of data type miss match . but in linq it's check in build time       wow ......

Please Cont your comments ........

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