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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Connection String Asp.Net With MsAccess

Connection String
Connect Asp.Net Application With MS Access.

First Open Web.Config of your Application and Write Down Following Code in Web.Config File.

in appSettings tag
add key="constr" value="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.Odbc.4.0;DSN=resume;User Id=admin;Password=admin;"

end appSettings tag

Now open your Application and write down following Connection String

OdbcConnection Objcon = new OdbcConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["constr"]);

Now Objcon Object you can use as Connection Object

if any query then just reply me.

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  1. how to connect the database in asp.net using c#

  2. Hello sanjana,

    Are you asking for SQL server ?

    Please give me details what you want. Are you want full coding ?

  3. hello..
    I write same code in web.config
    and in script tag of .aspx page but still not working.

  4. Hello Aditi,

    Can you paste your code here.

    Or sed me your code on ketan_erp@yahoo.com. Will try to help you.